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Arcade Cabinets


ScottyCon's selection of rhythm game cabinets, provided by Ikigai Arcade, will be available from 11 AM - 11 PM on March 18th, 2023.

List of cabinets (subject to change):

  • beatmania IIDX

  • Sound Voltex

  • Wacca x2

  • Chunithm

  • Jubeat

  • Ongeki


Club Activities

CMU Esports: Smash @ ScottyCon 2023

Smash @ ScottyCon 2023 will be a one-day Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament, featuring a double-elimination 1v1 bracket and a crew battle with CMU’s best players taking on Pitt’s finest! ALL players are encouraged to sign up regardless of playing ability, as setups WILL open up later in the tournament for friendlies!

Rhythm Game Club: Rhythm Games

Bring your own rhythm game setup or sample our collection of non-arcade rhythm games!

CMU Entertainment Technology Center K-12: ETC K-12 Showcase

We'll showcase an educationally-focused game designed by ETC students (probably A² Studio's Alice Together) And answer questions about the work we do in the ETC Outreach and Engagement Team, our undergraduate group ARCADE, and provide more general info about the ETC. We may also bring an analog game or experience (like COLORIZE) for people who are waiting to play Alice Together OR not interested in playing a computer game.

CMU RPG Association: Tabletop Roleplaying Games

Create characters and fight monsters with us! We'll be playing a variety of tabletop roleplaying games that anyone can drop in and out of freely. No prior experience necessary.

Tepper Games: Open Board Game Rentals

A collection of board games are available for participants to borrow and be taught how to play. Games will range from fun party games such as Wavelength or Code Names to more strategic games like Catan or Cascadia.

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