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Arcade Cabinets


ScottyCon's selection of rhythm game cabinets, provided by Ikigai Arcade, will be available in the Peter/Wright/McKenna Rooms from 11 AM–9 PM.

List of Cabinets:

  • MaiMai FiNALE

  • Sound Voltex

  • Jubeat

  • beatmania IIDX

  • Ongeki

  • Wacca x2

  • Chunithm

  • Nostalgia



Club Activities

CMU vs. Pitt Crew Battle

11:30 AM–12:30 PM

Danforth Conference Room


Top Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players from CMU and Pitt face off in a 6v6 team event! Come watch action-packed, high level Smash with live commentary catered towards fans of all levels. The tournament will also be streamed at

CMU Esports: Smash @ ScottyCon 2024

Danforth Conference Room


CMU Esports will be hosting a variety of fighting game tournaments at ScottyCon this year! Sign up at or in person at the convention. Registration for each event ends 30 minutes before the start time.

1:30  PM - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Doubles
2:00 PM - Super Smash Bros. Melee Doubles and Street Fighter 6
3:00 PM - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Singles
4:00 PM - Super Smash Bros. Melee Singles

RPG Association

1:30 PM–7PM



The CMU Role-Playing Games Association will run short 1-2 hours games to introduce people to D&D and other role-playing systems. Come and sign up, no prior experience needed! You can also come and see a showcase of different RPGs the club runs, learning more about what we do and a variety of RPGs.

Japanese Mahjong Club

12 PM–4 PM

Black Chairs


Your fav mahjong club presenting your fav mahjong game. Embark on a hands-on journey into the world of Japanese Mahjong with us! No experience needed, just come join us! Saam kyut jat la!

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