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ScottyCon 2024
Thanks for joining us! See you next year!

A student-run anime & games convention at Carnegie Mellon University

Welcome to our fourth year of ScottyCon! We hope you enjoy CMU's one and only (and therefore best) anime and video gaming convention! We'll have a blast of events this year, ranging from panels, masquerade, artist alley, and much much more. 

Our event schedule will be released in March. Meanwhile, check out the "Info" tab for more information about our event.

ScottyCon 2024's Guidebook is live

Event Lineup

We've got many fun events lined up! Featuring CMU's many clubs, including Artist Alley Club, Cosplay @ CMU, Vermilion Anime Club, CMU Esports, and more!


Artist Alley

Buy fan merch and original merch from artists of the CMU Artist Alley Club!



Enter our Masquerade or come make some crafts with Cosplay @ CMU!


Guest of Honor

Come participate in a Q&A panel with our special guest, Maria Marionette!


Gaming Hall

Check out our arcade cabinets and gaming setups! 


Anime Screenings

Come watch anime!


Cultural organizations at CMU will be selling snacks at ScottyCon!

Check out more club activities under the "Activities" tab on our header!

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